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“Human groups nearly everywhere tend to regard their own homeland as the center of the world.” This is one of the many excellent points that Tuan brings up in the chapter “Attachment to Homeland.” Human beings tend to feel a personal connection with their homeland. To many people, their home is the only place where they can be safe, comfortable, or free to act as they desire. This is evident with many cultures within America, namely Native Americans. Throughout their lengthy history in North America, Native Americans have reserved themselves to a specific location, with a tribal chief, a substantial law system, and a community fully integrated with one and other.

In Sherman Alexie’s story, we are exposed to a character that has spent his whole life within a specific Native American reservation. He finds out that his father has died, and elects to go to Phoenix Arizona in order to recover his father’s ashes. Tuan comes into discussion when Thomas goes to the tribal chief, with intent to loan money for his ‘journey’ to Phoenix. They give him one hundred dollars, but that seemingly wasn’t sufficient enough. He then meets his cousin, within the reservation, and he offers to pay for his trip as long as he partakes in hi trip. Victor (his cousin), was secluded to this Indian reservation for many years. He felt a strong desire to leave for a change. While on their trip, they felt a certain sense of home sickness, or pity for all other lands but their own.

This correlates with Tuan’s chapter in several ways. One of which is the two main characters ability to reflect on past experiences on the reservation, while embarking on a long trip to Phoenix, Arizona. They both seemed to reconnect while discussing their past experiences in their homeland, but it took a journey away from their home, to realize how special it was. Another way the short story agrees with Tuan’s chapter is, “Attachment to the homeland is a common human emotion, its strength varies among different cultures and historical periods. The more ties there are, the stronger is the emotional bond.” Indian reservations have survived in America for countless centuries. Their lengthy history truly attributed to the societies keen sense pf unity, and attachment in relation to their bond with their homeland.

“This is what it Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” was an exceptional short story. Alexie truly succeeded at showing the bond of man with their homeland, and I can directly see how this relates with Tuan’s chapter.

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