Film Theory 341W Blog Journal (Week 9)

Horror films are known for there ability to distress our sub-conscious. Robin Wood, a well known theorist, discusses horror films in detail. He speaks about the “Return of the Repressed,” in his influential essay “An Introduction to the American Horror Film.” This theory of the “Repressed,” in my rather undemanding opinion, refers to the viewer’s ability to watch and evaluate a horror film.

Horror films are all about human existence, and the impossibilities, rather irregularities, of human interaction. The horror Genre covers life as an art form, a rather extraordinary medium to say the least. Horror refers to the obscure or uncommon ways of dissecting the human mind, the viewers mind, as well as the villains.

A horror film that comes to mind when thinking of gender/sexuality in relation to Woods theories is Friday the 13th (the original, not the horrible 2009 remake). This film exploits teenage sexuality, as well as frightened abandonment. The viewer analyzes the situation ongoing amidst the plot; Jason Voorhees comes for vengeance against the counselors. Their minds contemplate the fear of mortality, as well as other “outlandish” possibilities, rendering everything seemingly possibly. The film viewer is “open minded,” with the belief that anything is in fact a reasonable possibility.

No horror film, lacking any sexual connotation, comes to mind, but I would imagine that Woods theories would in fact apply to this case as well. As long as the sub-conscious is in tact, the horror film should act as a credible door way to the minds imagination.

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