Abstract films…art? (Go!Go!Go!)

Marie Menken’s (born in New York) experimental short Go!Go!Go! thoroughly aggravated me so, that I felt compelled to write a blog about it. The short film was meant to explore New York City’s rather “intense” lifestyle. It was an eleven minute silent production that peaked my interest merely because of how much I disliked it. The film can be construed as an ode to New York, or the lashing out at the New Yorkers “rushed” way of life.

One would imagine a film set in fast forward, with vast imaginative colors, would be an entertaining experience, but this was not the case. Its monotonous approach at exemplifying the same point increasingly frustrated me. I couldn’t understand if Menken meant to demonstrate the notion of ‘us’ rushing through life, and should just take a second to breathe, or she was complimenting New York’s bountiful cultural achievements. First there were the city workers, than the graduation, than the workers at the dock. I mean I understand her point of showing Time Squares excessive rush to Go! Go! Go!, but to show a graduation in fast forward might spark differing opinions. Why show “common” (opposed to city) life in fast forward?

This happened to be the first week of class were I couldn’t tolerate the materials screened. I don’t see myself as a close minded individual. I love cinema to the fullest extent, American as well as International alike. The films we viewed seemed to irritate me. I reiterate that same point in my “short blog” to advance my attack on abstract films as an art form. Once the film came on with the moth wings glued onto the strips of film I almost completely lost it. I contemplated walking out based on pure frustration, but there was a mere 5 minute’s remaining to class so I elected to stay. How is that art? I thought to myself. Its just a guy who decided to put dead moth wings on a film strip. Am i not a cultured enough individual? Do I not “get” art? I guess so if the moth film didn’t make me gush in awe. I guess I’m not as open minded as I thought I was.

The depressing thought to this all is that I’m probably going to want to see more abstract/ avante-garde films now out of curiosity. Could this be a blessing in disguise? I doubt it, but you never know.

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