Film Noir

Throughout my years of studying and watching film, the one genre that never seems to let me down is the “Film Noir.” Though it was short-lived, it has had a  lasting effect on American cinema. The idea of dark narration, and most notably the “Femme Fatale” are two of the many aspects of the genre that peek my attention. We saw Jacques Tourneur’s   Out of the Past a few weeks ago and since then I cant get the notion of Film Noir out of my head.

Iv’e never heard of the idea of a ‘Film Noir’ until a few weeks ago when we explored the idea in class. It has now come to my attention that some of my favorite films can be clasified under the ‘Film Noir’ column. My favorite ‘Film Noir’ happens to be The Killers (1946) directed by Robert Siodmik, and starring Burt Lancaster and my favorite “Femme Fatale,” and one of my favorite actresses of all time the beautiful Ava Gardner. I love the idea of a seductive female who cant seem to care for anyone but herself, as much as you think she cares for you or anyhting else…she doesn’t.

The dark lighting, increase in shadows, and narrative voice overs, guide the film, and make the genre so unique. It takes superior writing and camera work to create a succesful film noir production. For all of you who enjoyed Out of the Past or the genre in general, should take the time to see see The Killers. Film Noir is a great genre, and I will continue to watch them, but this time I’ll know its a Film Noir and not just another drama!

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  1.   anroy on November 21st, 2010

    I liked Out of the Past quite a lot. But,it took me a while to understand whats going on the movie. I would like to check out “the killers”; I m sure another noir films would help me to understand the genre better.

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